from the inside

City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, September 2010.



Bristol harbourside cranes.


from one hill to another

Telegraph Hill looking toward Russian Hill, San Francisco, September 2010.


advertising vs reality

If you ever wondered why burgers look a lot different in reality to how they do in advertising check this out. I'm sure there's nothing groundbreaking that we don't know already but it's interesting all the same.


Much Better Now

You have to watch this. Really lovely piece of animation.


two go to Dorset

We spent a few days on the Dorset coast last week - Famous Five country - staying in a lovely B&B in Lulworth Cove. It's a great part of the country for walking if you're into that kind of thing. Here are a few shots around Durdle Door, a steep 45 minute trek away from where we were staying. The views along this part of the coastline are fantastic. Luckily we got back before the traditional British summer weather kicked in, saving us a good soaking.



Since moving from the sunny south coast almost four years ago I've frequently found myself in trouble with M for complaining how gloomy the weather is in Bristol compared with back there.

Now here's proof that my suspicions were right all along!

If you look carefully you can actually see that there's a thin yellow strip along the Sussex coast which puts it in the 1800-2000 hours of sunshine per year category. Above it is a line of green running from Devon to the Thames Estuary (1600-1800 hours per year). Meanwhile, much of Britain (including Bristol) finds itself in the dull 1200-1600 hours per year bracket.

The map also explains the exceptional weather we had in Sweden when we visited last year: I was expecting conditions on a par with Scotland but the climate there is more favourable than the UK's. I just hope orange Turkey lives up to expectations - we're due to visit later in the year.