the other side

Last weekend I turned 40. Thanks to my wonderful, caring, generous girlfriend we enjoyed a long weekend back in Brighton. She organised and paid for our stay at the Oriental, and then arranged a superb evening meal at Tookta's Cafe with a lovely bunch of folks I am proud to call my friends. Three years I have been away from Sussex yet they always welcome me back whenever I return - which isn't very often these days. I had an absolutely fantastic time; a perfect birthday weekend. As always, it was great to be back in Brighton, albeit feeling a bit like a tourist. The place is on its own. It just buzzes.

Unfortunately, life since has been marred by a pretty severe man cold, augmented the past couple of days by a rather painful bout of sinusitis. So while I wanted to hit my middle-age running, I feel instead like the pistol's gone off but I'm still on the starting blocks. Life has either just begun or I'm on the slippery slope and it's downhill all the way from here. At the moment it's too early to tell!

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