the street cassettes of Brighton

During a very brief trip to Brighton last Friday I was pleased to finally catch sight of some of these fantastic repainted telephone wiring cabinets around town (apparently they're called PCPs - Primary Connection Points). The examples shown here are on Queens Road but there are more around the New England Quarter apparently. They're by Cassette Lord, a graffiti artist who moved to Brighton from Portsmouth in 2001. Personally, I love them: for the sole reason that each repainted cabinet succeeds at turning ugly (but necessary) street furniture, ordinarily unnoticed, into a work of art. After all, so much of the urban environment is depressingly bland: why shouldn't streetlamps be painted in rainbow stripes? Why not brightly-coloured railings? Why not cover dark green telephone cabinets with colourful lo-fi cassette graphics?  Full marks to Brighton & Hove City Council on this - they don't do everything right but they did initiate this project and have a pretty good record of supporting artists (as with the graffiti jams at New England Quarter a few years ago). A good example of some forward-thinking by a local authority, working with artists rather than against them. Nice work!

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